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Legal Malpractice


Atlanta, Georgia



Pete’s practice is unique.

After 15 years as a defense lawyer—the last eight as a partner at a 70-lawyer Atlanta-based firm—he now represents plaintiffs and defendants in legal-malpractice cases and other professional-liability and discipline matters, including those involving accountants, escrow and title agents, and insurance and real-estate brokers. He also has experience in a wide variety of other civil-litigation matters, including personal-injury and insurance-coverage actions, business torts, contested probate, and contractual and commercial disputes, particularly those involving real estate. 



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Practice Areas


For most of his career, Pete has devoted the majority of his practice to legal-malpractice actions. He has handled malpractice claims and litigation arising from many different practice areas, from personal-injury cases to real-estate transactions to estate planning. Pete represents and consults with both plaintiffs and defendants and thus brings to each engagement a unique perspective, informed by experience with different types of clients, judges, juries, and insurance companies. 

State Bar Defense / Ethics and
Risk Management

Pete has represented many lawyers before the State Bar, from initial correspondence with the Office of General Counsel to matters before the Investigative Panel or where a formal complaint has been filed with the Georgia Supreme Court. Pete’s practice has also included representation of attorneys and clients regarding fee disputes, sanctions motions, and abusive-litigation actions. To assist his attorney and law-firm clients with proactively avoiding such problems, Pete provides ethics opinions and analysis and consultations regarding issues as varied as conflicts of interest, E&O insurance, and attorney advertising.

Professional Liability

Pete has many years of experience in other professional-liability matters, including malpractice actions against accountants, escrow and title agents, and insurance and real-estate brokers. Early in his career, he defended health-care providers in medical-malpractice actions. 

General Civil Litigation

Pete’s career began with a general-practice firm; since then, he’s handled a wide variety of civil-litigation cases in state and federal courts, including representation of plaintiffs and defendants in personal-injury and business litigation, policyholders and insurers in insurance-coverage actions, and various parties in contested probate matters.