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Our offices are located directly on the Atlanta Beltline.


John Wesley Dobbs Ave. dead ends into the Atlanta Beltline between the Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall restaurant and our building. There is free parking in the lot behind Ladybird. 


From the parking lot, walk back toward the point where John Wesley Dobbs Ave. terminates into the Beltline. Ladybird will be on your left and our building on your right. There is a small staircase at the corner of our building that leads to a walkway, which parallels/fronts the Beltline. Follow that about halfway down the building until you see the sign for my law firm. (Note: the suite numbers are not labeled in alphabetical order. For example, we are in Suite Z, which is next to Suite D.)



691 John Wesley Dobbs Ave.,
Suite Z
Atlanta, GA 30312


(404) 348-8325
Fax (678) 210-7379